VIMANA helps manufacturers run their operation enabling better planning, problem solving, and execution so that assets are optimized, work is simplified, and a data-driven culture is adopted. VIMANA provides the enabling technology for smart manufacturing realization.


  • A product brochure that was to be used and support the marketing team in explaining product capabilities to new prospects visiting the trade show.
  • It had to look attractive when kept in the exhibit stands.
  • Both high quality print as well as a portable version to be attached in email were required.


  • Content was spell checked.
  • Possible illustration ideas for supporting texts were sketched using pen and paper.
  • Layout planning and content pieces were given weightage to fit them within the four pages.
  • Texts were initially placed on the canvas followed by import of the supporting illustrations.
  • Spacing and alignments were checked.
    Files were rendered in the required formats.


  • All content was made to fit within the four pages.
  • The sections were well distributed so that content flow was not broken nor overflowed.
  • Illustrations were created where text copy was long to read. Section headings were given a larger font size to help scanning the document quickly.
  • Files were rendered in high quality uncompressed CMYK TIFF format as well as in small file size PDF that could be attached in an email.


  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator