Experience and Encounters

What are the differences between an experience and an encounter? We all use different products and services. We talk and share something unique or that which wowed about using a product versus using it for the sake of fulfilling a requirement. For example: watching a movie. Your friend would have seen the movie in a theatre equipped with high end sound systems and the experience definitions could’ve been like any of:

  • It was quite an experience
  • It was an exhilarating experience
  • It was a life-changing experience
  • It was a phenomenal experience

Now on hearing this, lets say you don’t have the time to go to the theatre but you can use a streaming service to watch it on your smart TV. Though you have seen the movie, you cannot say you have experienced it the way your friend has. So, here, you have encountered it and your friend has experienced it.

Here are more examples that can help you understand better:

Experiences Encounters
Singing Speaking
Party Gathering
Feasting Eating
Driving in a sports car Driving in a cab
Watching at a movie theatre Watching on TV

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