When a Designer should say NO

You as a designer may be tempted to do those extra things for your clients. But sometimes it can get difficult when the requirement goes like any of the following types:

  • I liked the other website, can you do something similar to that?
  • My child likes yellow color a lot, so can we change the design to have more yellow shades?
  • I have my cousin living in the US, I’ll ask her for feedback.
  • Can you design a draft with spacers and then I’ll fill in the content?
  • I need the artwork to be sent to the printer in a couple of hours, can you do it really quick please?
  • Here are a couple of images that I searched from the net, can you design a collage using them – that can then be printed?
  • Here I have a four page word document, can we make it into a colorful poster for our noticeboard?

There are many many more such situations a designer can get in. If you have your version, please share it in the comments below.

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