Shop branding

Branding is very important in order to stand out among competition. Read whats good and bad about this.

I saw this shop and liked the way parts of the logo are reused to bring out the uniqueness. Choice of colors, size are all important factors to be considered. Designers must also take care not to over use a symbol or the outcome will not be effective. Good spacing is important too to allow user to focus on the content easily.

The first thing that attracts you may be the big yellow angular ‘V’ shaped cutout. Of course the name of the shop supplements to answer what the shape means. If the shop name at the top is removed, you will have no clue what the yellow cut out really is. Again a similar ‘V’ cutout in blue is used in the vertical standee. This is one of the interesting design ways to connect using graphical cues and reiterate the brand. Eventually this symbol gets registered into the audience more easily.


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